Harewood Forest

Posted on Tue, 21st March 2017 by Lyra Medlock
Event Reports

This week the Medlock family, Alan Blanchflower and Bruno Smith went to Harewood Forest, organised by BADO orienteering club, and what an event it was. Harewood Forest is the second largest ancient woodland in Hampshire and we all did very well.

Alan came 13th out of 25 on the brown, above the brown standard, well done. Jolyon came 7th and Bruno 20th out of 50 on the blue, well done. Jolyon enjoyed running along the earthwalls looking for hidden controls! Rebecca came 3rd out of 7 on the light green, soon she will be running greens! Amazingly Esk came 1st on the white course out of 5, she will soon be on yellows. I came 5th on the orange out of 14 (I came only 6 minutes behind the winner Carys Sharp).

We all loved orienteering at Harewood Forest and hope there is another event there again some time……

There were some fallow deer in the woods and I don’t know if anybody else saw them but I scared off 25 on my run! Esk found a fallow deer’s leg and hoof and brought it home with her to put in her bone collection.



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