Chairman’s Chat – 12th December 2017

Posted on Tue, 12th December 2017 by Julie Astin
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It’s official: orienteers are mad!! This was confirmed to me on Sunday when I was the Controller for the SOC event at Islands Thorns. The weather was atrocious – gale force winds at times, and cold rain – not to mention the quagmire as cars accessed the parking field. Many cars had to be pushed IN to the field, and most had to be pushed out. A noble team of SOC members and myself kept ourselves warm by doing so! What amazed me more that pre-entered people turned out on such a day, was that there were quite a number of EODs! – including the Brooke family – who actually paid £1 extra to run in such conditions. In spite of everything, competitors came back with a smile on their faces (or was it a grimace?) and many told me how much they enjoyed it. “There’s nowt so strange as folk”, as they say.

Of the handful of WSX people who came (and well done to all of you), Lyra Medlock impressed me the most. She ran a Light Green course for only the second time and came 3rd – and was smiling broadly at the end of it. Brilliant.

Last night, WSX held the latest of the Night League events at Hillbourne. Peter Suba, who has never been known to organise a straightforward score event, managed to perplex everyone by his ‘spider’s webs’ rules. I’ve never seen so much discussion in the pub BEFORE the event as I witnessed last night! But several WSX members managed to outwit the red and green spider traps: Alan Blanchflower coming 1st; Roger Crickmore 2nd; James Crickmore 6th and Jason Falconer 10th. It was a great evening, with many people staying behind for a meal, a pint and a chat.

The last Night League event of 2017 is the Brighton City Race this coming Saturday.

No doubt you’re all gearing up for Christmas – but don’t forget the amazing Boxing Day Canter in Ringwood Forest North. Entries on fabian4.

And 2018 kicks off with the Sarum event at Woodfalls on New Year’s Day.

Details are here. It’s Entry on the Day.

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