Compass Sport Trophy 2018

Posted on Sun, 28th January 2018 by James Crickmore

It’s time to start planning again for the Compass Sport Cup 2018 (Trophy Competition)!

Date:                     Sunday 11th March
Location:             The Slades, Quantocks (closest postcode TA5 1HN)
More details on Quantocks Orienteers website

The Compass Sport Cup / Trophy is a national competition held annually between all the orienteering clubs. There are regional rounds held in March with the best clubs from each region progressing to the national final in October. Everyone runs individually and the scores are aggregated into a team score for the club. You must have renewed your membership for the year to be able to compete for the club.

This year we have a packed heat with seven other small clubs to race against! Our competitors will be KERNO, SARUM, QO, SBOC, WIM, SWOC and NWO.
As there are 8 small clubs competing, the top two will advance to the final. Additionally, because of their placing in last year’s final, if SBOC and/or WIM are in the first two places then the next two placed clubs also qualify for the final.

The club has agreed to pay the individual entry fees for anyone competing as you are representing WSX.

What do I need to do?
So that I can organise the team, please email me the requested information below at [email protected]
I would appreciate it if you could respond by Saturday 10th February.

Your course is based on your age class as shown below. Running up a class (or a woman running in the equivalent male class) is allowed, but you cannot run down.

Age category (Male)Age Category (Female)Course
M40+, M20-Short Brown
M60+, M18-W45+, W20-Green
M70+W60+, W18-Short Green

Please include:

  • Name (First name and surname as registered with BOF)
  • If you are able to run (if you are unavailable I need to know so that I don’t keep bothering you!)
  • Your age category
  • You SI number or if you need to hire a dibber
  • Start time preference if any (early / mid / late / near someone else)

We have pre-allocated start slots for each course ranging from 10:30 to 12:30. I will try to give families or people travelling to the event together close start times where requested, but due to the large number of clubs we have fewer slots than usual. If you have special requirements, let me know and I will accommodate them as best I can.

There will be Light Green, Yellow and White courses available for EOD. None of the other courses may be run except as part of the Compass Sport Cup/Trophy competition.

Lastly, I’d like to emphasise that this is a team competition. The scoring system is complicated and means that we need a good turnout across all the age classes to do well. Even if you are not one of the team’s faster runners, your score may help the team in other ways. A runner of any standard is always better than no runner at all – everything helps!


I look forward to hearing from you.

James Crickmore
WSX Compass Sport Trophy Captain

Orienteering Club