Co Chairmans Chat 16 July

Posted on Tue, 16th July 2019 by Jason Falconer
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We had the 6th Relay in the summer series on Sunday, in Ringwood /. The third time this area has been used since its first outing for the Wessex Night League 2018. 7 teams and 2 junior teams raced in the heat to produce some tight times. A group came from S.N and had a fast overall time with Mel Slade in the team and ex GB squad Sarah Rollins, so they won the trophy on the day. Second up came us just a minute faster overall than the Quantock teamFull course results here .That means that this Sundays Holton Lee event is the decider! Either us or Quantock will come away with the series final so full concentration needed please and no -miss punches too. Being as this is one of our maps it should stand us in good stead for it. I will be away unfortunately so will miss it, and also the launch of another Permanent course at Lodmoor, so do go along and support, or take part in Weymouth- Its another great park area right next to one of the most important nature reserves in the U.K, people travel from all over G.B to visit so get yourselves down there Weymouth is just around the corner. (btw the sandbanks ferry is OUT of service until at least 12th August)

Yesterday was another chance to Race in Boscombe and surrounds, This was a summer local event- great for practicing those hour score event sequencing skills. Night league is only 3 months away! We took a straight score over the whole area and it was a test to collect every control, none but 2 of us out of the 25 took all controls, James Crickmore again proving hes picked up plenty fast Crickmore genes to take the win in a shockingly fast 53 Minutes.  I have to confess I beasted myself so hard on the finish run in that I was was looking for the finish punch on the triangle and blinded myself to the fact of remembering that its is, always, on the circle. Oh dear. Anyway cracking fun and nice to see our new member Nick out, and some other new faces who we hope will join up (Ian) and get involved with a great set of people and places. Thanks to all of you that helped on the night.


Im off to Scotland for the 6 days soon- so this is my out of office autoreply. Will be back with stories of wild places, whiskey and of course plenty new Tweed on 06 August. Happy Holidays Everyone.

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