WSX Chat 4th March

Posted on Thu, 4th March 2021 by Jolyon Medlock
Club News
Hope you are all well, and looking forward to the end of lockdown. Spring is certainly in the air, with a few warmer days recently and the arrival of spring migratory birds, so hopefully you are all feeling positive. 
Just a quick update to let you know that the Rushmore Estate have granted us permission for our event on Sunday 11th April, subject to BOF approval. We are awaiting BOF updated guidance on what sort of event we can run. Hopefully we will be able to put on something, even if it is low key, and enjoy a run in the woods, which by then should be awash with bluebells. 
Julie is Organiser of the event, so expect an email about helping out. The courses are already planned, so although there is much to do, I am sure we can arrange everything in time, as we did last minute at Agglestone. So do keep the day free, if you wish to stretch your legs and get back into orienteering.  
In other news, the Maprun league will also recommence in April, keep an eye out on the website for details. The committee is also working behind the scenes to plan for the summer relay, as well as seeking permission for mapping the whole of Studland dunes to develop technical dune orienteering in Dorset, which would be great fun.
We will be in touch with more news when we have it.
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