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The courses have been loaded onto the MapRun server, and pdf files of all the maps produced by WSX can be found at the foot of the page. Those for  both WIM and WSX can be downloaded and printed from here. Some of the maps are A4 sections of  existing orienteering maps and some are street maps generated using the Open Orienteering Map project. 

These are open training courses and no code or pin number is needed to access them. 


The Winter (& now Spring!) MapRun League 2020-21 restarts on April 15th with a continuation of the Moors Valley course for four days up to April 18th for those who have yet to compete, and those who wish to boost their fitness by having another go at it.

All the Results and Final League Table are here. Posted 14/6/21

Congratulations to Alan, Roger and James for getting 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Also Ian Wall and Jason for 6th and 10th places. There will be no more MapRun League events during the summer but they may return in the autumn. Watch this space! But you can do any of the courses at any time. All map links are below.

Week 7: 15-18 April – Moors Valley 

Summary of the car parking charges at Moors Valley.
From 15th April until 18th April, the charges for car parking for two hours is £8.40 (gulp!) on all days. If you stay longer than 2 hours you pay more. However the weekend early bird special detailed below still applies.
* Weekend early bird special *
On a Saturday or Sunday, early morning parking, until 10.30 am, is just £1.40. You can pay when you arrive or anytime before 10.30 am but you MUST exit BEFORE 10.45 am or normal charges will apply.
The car park opens from 08.00 a.m. each day.
The alternative is to park for free at Potterne Park, Verwood and walk/run or cycle into Moors Valley
2. You are permitted to “run straight” on the terrain if you so wish but please be mindful of the one way system on mountain bike trail route
Good luck and enjoy!

Week 8: 17-25 April – Poole.   Parking at Baiter Car Park, Catalina Drive. Use underpasses to cross railway. Controls 20 and 26 have been moved a little.  PLEASE ensure you load the correct course in MapRun – the course is named “Poole Town Winter MapRun” – be careful as Poole has multiple courses loaded in MapRun
 Poole Map and Control Descriptions

Week 9:  24 April- 02 May – Blandford St Marys – Sprint format 

This weeks MapRun is a different format for a change and is two sprint distance line courses to be done on the same day.  Parking is at Stour Meadows (just behind Tesco) unless the Covid centre is in operation in which case you will need to park elsewhere nearby (don’t risk parking while it is in operation as they are issueing parking tickets when it is closed)  The two course are about 2.5k each and you can have as long a rest between them as you want.  Sprint 1    Sprint 2

Week 10: 01-09 May – Hyde & Gorley Map (NB the map is 1:7 500 not the usual 1:5 000). The carparking is at Abbotswell and is free. Grid reference SZ178129, closest postcode SP6 2JD. The nearest pub is the Foresters at Frogham cross
Week 11: 08-16 May – Canford Heath – suggest parking in the Asda Car Park off  Adastral Road

Map   Control Descriptions

Please ensure for your own safety that you fully comply with the out of bounds marked on the map that means the southern area of the map can only be accessed via the underpass close to Control 6.

Week 12: 15-23 May – Christchurch, Friar’s Cliff. There is plenty of street parking near to the Sandpiper Pub. Start is down a path opposite the pub. Or else there is parking at Mudeford Wood Community Centre near Control 4 at the top of the map. NB The original map was 1:4000 A3 sized, but a map printed out on an A4 sheet is quite useable. Please make sure you use the Winter MapRun League version, not the Wessex Night League one.

Map   Control Descriptions

Week 13: 22-30 May – Canford/Merley Estate

Parking and start/finish is the car park at Oakley Shopping Centre and Oakley Medical Centre, Oakley Lane, Merley Estate,  Wimborne, BH21 1SF

MapControl Descriptions
Week 14: 29 May-06 June – Tisbury

The start is by the war memorial in the square and the finish by the free parking. Please park in the free car park and not on the High Street. The optimum distance is approximately 7.5-8k.

Map/Control Descriptions
Week 15: 05-13 June – Broadstone & Hillbourne CAR PARK (indicated on map).  Leave Broadstone shops SE down the hill on B3074. At bottom, narrow left turn before Barn Road, easily overshot. Signed but not very clearly. In football season avoid car park on Sat & Sun mornings. Instead use the far end of Barn Road and the SE foot entrance to the Rec. MAP SCALE  1:5200. Slightly different from standard but you shoudn’t notice the difference! Nearest toilets: Tesco’s 5 mins drive away. Continue further SE on B3074 to join A349 at roundabout. SE on A349 through two sets of lights & take the right filter.

Map and Control Descriptions


Winter MapRun League


“Following the announcement that BCP will enter Tier 4 and Dorset will enter Tier 3 tomorrow, it is with regret that the Winter MapRun League will be suspended, effective as of midnight today.
The suspension is necessary as a significant number of our participants and some of our forthcoming events are in BCP and under Tier 4 restrictions, travel in and out of a Tier 4 area is prohibited except for specified reasons.

It is our intention to complete all planned league events as soon as circumstances allow.  In the meantime, participants may utilize the existing MapRun courses for training within their Tier area as long they comply with the pertinent CV-19 regulations.
We look forward to resuming the league as soon as we are able but in the meantime, stay safe.”
Rob Mills

Winter League Guidelines and Rules
 Latest League Table (14/12/20)

Individual event results are below.

Week 1: 31-8 October/November – Upton Country Park (Upton Winter League 2020)

Upton MapRun Map This is the same course as the Night League event but on an A4 1:10000 scale.

Upton Results

Week 2: 7-15 November – Boscombe (Boscombe MapRun Winter League)

Note: Control 8 can only be approached from the SW.

Control 16 is inside a church gate. If gate is locked, just run on and alter your run afterwards using HITMO. 

Control 18-25 cannot be run using the shopping centre service road. 

Boscombe Map; Control Descriptions

Boscombe Results

Week 3: 14-22 November – St Ives, nr Ringwood (St Ives) Map on WIM website

St Ives Results
Week 4: 21-29 November – West Moors.  Map available on WIM website.

West Moors Results

This on a new map using the Open Orienteering Mapping system. Normal 60 min score format.
Please note the following:
1. Parking is at West Moors Memorial Hall and Bowls Club. Brown sign indicates Bowls Club at northern end of West Moors, just south of Start/Finish on west side of main road
2. The forest sections are particularly muddy and wet in places depending on route choice
Week 5: 28-6 November/December – Child Okeford (Child Okeford)

Week 6: 5-13 December – Ringwood

Ringwood Results
Week 7: 12-3 December/January – Christmas/New Year Special – Moors Valley

Moors Valley Christmas 60min Score MapRun The  Xmas special rules are that you can run the course as many times as you want in the period 12th Dec-3rd Jan, with your best score/time counting.  As always however you should not look at other competitors routes during the competition period. Parking at Moors Valley: see below for parking charges (Alternatively park for free at Potterne Park, Verwood and walk/run or cycle into Moors Valley!)

Week 8: 2-10 January – Poole

Poole Map;    Poole Control Descriptions
Week 9: 9-17 January – Blandford St Marys – Sprint format
Week 10: 16-24 January – Hyde & Gorley
Week 11: 23-31 January – Canford Heath
Week 12: 30-7 January/February – Christchurch
Week 13: 6-14 February – Canford/Merley Estate
Week 14: 13-21 February – Tisbury
Week 15: 20-28 February – Broadstone & Hillbourne

Hope this makes sense.  All questions, queries or suggestions re the competition and league to myself at [email protected]

Finally, a very big thank you to all the people behind the scenes at both WIM & WSX that have made these leagues possible through their dedication and hard work.  This includes all our mappers and planners, Dick Keighley for maintaining and updating the WIM website and last but not least Chris Branford, who has pioneered and championed MapRun in the club and who continues to bear the brunt of the IT & admin load.

Good luck, stay safe and have fun!


 MapRun Summer League 2020 – results and League Table


WSX have a number of  courses – available at any time –  as follows:

Broadstone/Creekmoor – based around the streets and Creekmoor Lakes. Park in Soper’s Lane near Siemen’s. Map and Control Descriptions

Christchurch Town – a lovely line (i.e. not a score) event around some of the older parts of the town, as well as some residential areas. The optimum route distance is approximately 7.3k. The Start is at Wick slipway.  The map is here: Christchurch

Friar’s Cliff, Christchurch – used for a Night League event so trickier than most! The map is A3 so will need to be printed on 2 pages. Map;  Control Descriptions

Boscombe & Seafront – a choice of Straight or Odds/Evens score events, starting in Shelley Park. Bracing sea air along the clifftop and promenade. Straight Score is about 6k and the Odds/Evens approx. 9k. Maps: Boscombe Straight Score, Boscombe Odds/Evens Score

Boscombe Overcliff and Town – no running up and down the zig-zags as in the previous version! Start is again at Shelley park where there is plenty of parking (unless you decide to do it at the height of the summer!) Map;  Control Descriptions.

Canford Heath – a technical urban Straight Score course, with the Start in the Asda car park. Distance is between 7.7 and 8.5 k, depending on your route choice. Canford Heath Control Descriptions (not on the map) Canford Heath Map

Poole Park Safe Maprun     an interesting park with several lakes and plenty of wildlife.  This course comprises an Orange standard course of 2.5Km length starting near the Arc restaurant carpark (free). Course description are on the map.

Map :  Poole Park Safe Maprun map

Queens/Kings Parks – a lovely mix of parkland, woods and residential streets, well-known to Night League competitors! There’s a Straight Score  – distance about 9.75k – and Odds/Evens, approx. 11.5k.  The Start is in the Queens Park Golf Club. PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE OF OTHER USERS, PARTICULARLY GOLFERS, ESPECIALLY WHEN CROSSING FAIRWAYS.  Control descriptions are not on the map so are provided separately. Map: Kings/QueensPark; Kings/Queens Park Control Descriptions 

Tisbury – courtesy of a Sarum map, this Straight Score has been set up in the lovely Wiltshire town. The start is by the war memorial in the square and the finish by the free parking. Please park in the free car park and not on the High Street. The optimum distance is approximately 7.5-8k. Map: Tisbury

Upton – a 1:10000 based on an Open Orienteering Map and includes some of Upton Country Park and the urban area of Upton itself. The points system is different to our others, so please check the details. Start is in Upton Country Park car park (charges apply). Map, control descriptions and information. Optimum distance is about 11.8k.  Map: Upton.

Poole Town – this is based on the original map (used for our Night League events etc) but with a lot less detail. A choice of Straight and Odds/Evens Score with the distances being about 5.5k and 8k. No control descriptions on the map. Start/Finish is in Baiter Car park (charges apply).

This map is not as detailed as the original (Gavin Clegg) version – so many fences, walls, trees, canopies etc are unmapped. (I’ve only mapped a couple of trees where I’ve used them for controls!) However, this should not affect your navigation/route choices.
I have added a couple of areas of OOB: the one in the NW corner has been added because the road layout has changed and I haven’t had time to remap it. But you can run along the SE edge of this, (from 5-21). The other area is in the NE corner, on the edge of Poole Park where they’ve been doing a load of reconstruction. July 2020

Map: Poole Town; Control Descriptions

Greenberry – the first non-urban course that we’ve tried, so this is a bit of a trial. The sensitivity of the controls has been set to 30m (instead of the usual 15m in urban areas) as the precise location of some of the mapped features is less accurate. So don’t be surprised if the control is picked up on your phone when you are not quite there! Parking is in the Holmsley Car Park (NOT Holmsley Walk CP near the campsite) at the NW corner of Holmsley Inclosure in the New Forest. It is unlikely that anyone will collect all the controls in the allowed 60mins as the optimum route is about 12.5-12.75k – hats off to anyone who does! IMPORTANT NOTE: This course MUST NOT be run during March – July due to the presence of ground-nesting birds, in line with national British Orienteering Guidelines. Also please ensure you do not cross the sensitive marsh areas marked as OOB. Control Descriptions are not on the map, so these are provided separately. Map: Greenberry; Control Descriptions



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