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If you are registered on Attackpoint, add your Used ID to link to it. The Attackpoint ID can be determined by looking at the address for the user’s page, i.e. if the log address is http://www.attackpoint.org/log.jsp/user_14459, then the user ID is user_14459

A link to the user profile on Strava, if one exists.

Private phone number (preferably mobile). Only displayed on the website for logged in Wessex OC members, not shown for the public

A link to the user profile on facebook, if one exists.

The user account name on Twitter, if one exists. Enter what you usually use after the @ sign on Twitter. Displays the latest tweets from that account on the user page.

Specify Google Client ID and Secret in the Super Socializer > Social Login section in the admin panel for Google Login to work

Registration confirmation will be emailed to you.

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