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Wessex Region Night League

Handicap 1 Open 1 A few thoughts from Organiser Dale Paget: I have previously planned Urban events, and also night events, although this was my first Urban Night Event. Having said that, as a good number of you commented, it didn’t feel so Urban as I did keep you off the streets as much as […]

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Open League 2020-21 – after Martin Down Handicap League 2020-21 – after Martin Down Novice League 2020-21 – after Martin Down – Wessex Night League Guidelines 2020-21 – Handicap League 2019-20 – Final Positions – Open League 2019-20 – Final Positions – 2018-19 Accounts – Handicap League Final 2018-19 (March 6th) –Open League Final 2018-1(March 6th) – Winners over […]