Chairman’s Chat – February 19th 2017

Posted on Sun, 19th February 2017 by Julie Astin
Club News

After a full weekend in the New Forest at Wilverley ( I was the Controller for the Wimborne event) it’s made me realise even more how lucky we are to live near such a wonderful area. Especially as it was so Springlike on Saturday. Glorious.

But before I give a summary of the Club’s successes at the recent events, I want to mention a few things:

First of all our new website (here!) is actually ‘live’ now (as Peter Suba has already notified you) and I would encourage you to PLEASE check out every aspect of it and let Peter know if you discover any issues with it. I would also ask you to Register (if you haven’t already) so that he can set you up as a member, allowing you to see all parts of the website as well as make posts/add comments. As I’ve mentioned before, although hundreds of hours of work have gone into this website, it is still an evolving product, and we want to make it as user-friendly for you, and for other visitors to the site, as possible. So any suggestions will be gratefully received.

Now I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome two new members to the club; Paul Morrissey  – an M35 who has been to several Night League events in the last few months and has threatened to join us on several occasions. And Dave Buston – an M50 who, I have to admit, I know nothing about other than he lives in Bournemouth. Our Membership Secretary will be in touch and hopefully we’ll meet up at some event in the near future.

James has contacted you all regarding the Compass Sport Trophy on March 12th and has asked me to remind you to let him know if you are available to compete for the club. As we’ve said before, the more people that we have on the various courses the better – so please let him know if you haven’t already. His email address is: [email protected]

And so onto the recent events and results:

Firstly, we put on the latest Night League event at Upton Country Park and Jon Brooke planned an excellent ‘Odds and Evens’ Score course. We had a good turnout (31) and the top ten results were:

1st Dale; 2nd Peter; 5th James; 6th Alan Blanchflower (one of our newer members) and 8th Jason.

You’ll find the updated League Tables on the Night League page.

And today’s event at Wilverley had some good club results too:

Pride of place is Lyra who came 4th on her first competitive Orange course – brilliant! And beating Kay into 5th place by 19 seconds!!

Lyra’s father, Jolyon came an excellent 5th on Blue; and on Brown James had a great run, coming 3rd. Peter came 7th, and then proceeded to come a (non-competitive) 8th on the Blue course! He’s in serious training for the London Marathon and if you want to support his efforts to raise money for Cancer Research UK, please go to the ‘Just Giving’ website and search for his name.

On the Short Green, Madeleine came 5th and Bill 7th.


Looking ahead: it’s our Presentation Social at Queens Park next Saturday. Although I’ve already submitted buffet numbers to the caterers, if you still want to come, let me know.

Please go to the Events page for other upcoming events.



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