WNL10 – Poole Town Night League Event

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Final results now uploaded, with adjustments to scoring to ensure consistency across the league events by compliance with Night League scoring rules. Bonus points are reduced to 5 mins per complete minute under the hour. Lateness penalties are now 10 points per minute or part minute over the hour. This has affected some placings whereby a late return of fewer than 54 seconds is now ranked below another competitor who collected 10 fewer points but did get back in time.  This was identified by Gavin Clegg, who has already taken the revised positions into account in league position calculations.

Comments from Gavin Clegg, League coordinator:

Wessex hosted their annual Poole Town night race which was well planned by Tim Houlder, for the first time using the odds and evens scheme. This proved very successful, adding 15 minutes to last years, short, winning time. It also managed to catch out the unwary. The venue proved very popular with warmth, food and plenty of post-race socialising. Poole traffic problems i.e. almost total gridlock may have prevented some from getting to the event, which was a great shame.

The League is now halfway through. In the Open; Peter Suba seems to have hit his stride, with wins at the past two races moving him up to 3rd, only 44 points behind Dan in first. As the current top competitors have already reached the 7 race mark their points are harder to come by. After Poole, Dan only improved by 4 points and Alan by 18. A couple more races like Poole will see Peter top the League. Andy Snell and John Oakes move up 4 and 2 places respectively as they both now have the seventh race. With the help of ‘Organiser’ points, Tim Houlder is up 4 and Ian Sayer up 7. Both Becca and Tereza failed to improve their scores.

Things are far less clear-cut in the Handicap competition. Charlotte still leads with Mike and Tereza swapping places. John Oakes is up 5 to 4th, courtesy of his seventh score. However, Mary Nixon with only six scores is up to 5th and Chris Branford with only 5 scores is up 6 places to 13th. Both Mary and Chris have a “lost 2, won 2” on their head to heads with Charlotte. Chris though has a three/one lead in the head to heads with Mary. Plenty to play for.

Please note that at the final race at Kings, Queens Park, Bournemouth (Queens Park Café) there will be a buffet and the prizegiving. This year there are trophies for the first three in all four categories: Male Open, Female Open, Male Handicap and Female Handicap. Should be a good evening.

Pre-Event Bulletin:

Flier 2018_v2 includes links to help you get there and park- and also to reserve your map.

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