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I hope you all enjoyed your runs out in the wild garlic-strewn forest today


  • Pair of round grey tortoise-shell glasses in a case
  • Salmon-pink IKEA flask (empty!)
  • Patterned Blue child’s fleece – belonging to (I think) Toby Halsey of Sarum
  • Navy blue hooded  jacket – possibly also Toby’s!
  • Adult navy blue  Slazenger hooded fleece

If any of these items are yours, please email me at [email protected] and I’ll try and get them back to you.

Julie Astin (Organiser)

And here are the results from the String Course:

1     Jasper Bright                                   M4                6.29
2     Jill Green                                         W75              2.53      Jill used the string as a warm up !!
3     Harry Bratcher-Howard                   M12          1.52
4     Monty Batcher-Howard                   M10           2.27
5     Valerie Clegg+ M Bridle                  W130 !       11.21     We had a chat about shopping in Clarkes Village
6     Max Duncan                                    M9                2.53
7     Barthelemy Pige                              M8                2.27
8     Johannes Page                                M6               6.21
9     Mathew Mallison +mum and dad     M3         9.04
10   Jasper +Matthew (unaccompanied)                6.43

Barthelemy and Jasper did extra faster runs and Jasper went into the forest on his own for the first time “it was a bit scary!” he confessed.   Madeleine Bridle


Pre-Event Bulletin:

Initial details are here. Event now open on Fabian4.

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